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Here you can find all popular brands of bikes like Suzuki, Honda, Unique, Hi Speed, Yamaha, United and 15 plus others. We care about your bike needs. So you can collect the details of the bike of your choice.

We are associated with 20 plus brands of bikes in Pakistan. Each bike will be made available in the market according to your preference. The brands have created ease of transportation for the people of Pakistan by providing quality bikes at affordable prices. we have displayed all the bikes in various categories which will make it easier for you to find the right bike.

Find different sections for new bikes, popular bikes, Latest bikes, and upcoming bikes for your convenience. You can get your dream bike quickly at a reasonable price. Our platform has a comparison section you can compare two bikes at a time. We cater to the needs of the customer looking for a bike from 2024 onwards.

Motorcycle price in pakistan

New Motorbike price in Pakistan starts from PKR.1 Lakh* to PKR.10 Lakh*. In this range, you can buy a new bike of your choice. Brands decide the price of the bike keeping in mind the interest and budget of the buyer. One of the most affordable bikes in Pakistan is the Honda CG 125 priced at PKR. 2.29 Lakh*. And one of the costliest bikes is the Benelli TNT 150i priced at PKR. 6.1 0 Lakh*. Inquire with us to know the prices of all bikes from leading manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Unique, etc.

Top 5 Brands in Pakistan:

Atlas Honda: Atlas Honda bikes are synonymous with quality and durability in Pakistan. With a wide range of models, from commuter bikes to sporty options, Atlas Honda offers reliable and fuel-efficient motorcycles. Making them a preferred choice for riders seeking quality and dependability.

Yamaha: Yamaha bikes are famous for their performance and reliability. With a diverse range of models including sport bikes, cruisers and off-road bikes, Yamaha offers options for every rider. Company offer a great riding experience for enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Suzuki: Suzuki motorcycles offer a thrilling ride with their powerful engines and attractive designs. Hayabusa known for its impressive top speed to the nimble and agile GSX-R sport bike, Suzuki is synonymous with performance.

United Motorcycles: United Motorcycles is a trusted name in the world of two wheelers. Offers a diverse range of bikes designed for different riding styles. Their lineup includes sport bikes, cruisers, and commuter-friendly models, all built with precision and attention to detail.

Road Prince: Road Prince Bikes has established itself as a trusted brand in the motorcycle industry. Road Prince bikes are renowned for their exceptional performance, style and reliability. A wide range of models available caters to diverse preferences and budgets.

Types of Bikes in Pakistan:

Commuter Bikes: Commuter bikes are practical and fuel-efficient two-wheelers designed for daily commuting. With engine capacities ranging from 70cc to 125cc, these bikes offer economical transportation and easy maneuverability on congested city roads. Offering comfortable riding conditions, efficient mileage and a reliable means of transportation for the urban biker in Pakistan.

Sports Bikes: Sports bikes are high-powered machines designed for speed and agility. Their powerful engines, aerodynamic design and lightweight frames provide thrilling acceleration and responsive handling. Proper safety gear, training, and responsible riding practices are crucial for enjoying the full potential of sports bikes while ensuring rider safety on the roads.

Off-Road Bikes: Off-road bikes, also known as dirt bikes or off-highway motorcycles, are specially designed for off-road adventures and riding on unpaved terrain. Featuring their lightweight construction, long travel suspension and knobby tires for optimum traction. Off-road bikes are popular among riders who enjoy trail riding, motocross competitions, or exploring rough terrains.

Cruiser Bikes: Cruiser bikes are characterized by their classic styling, low-slung frames and comfortable riding positions. They are ideal for long distance travel on highways and leisurely rides through scenic routes.

Scooty: Scooty refers to compact and lightweight scooters popular in Pakistan, which provide convenient and economical transportation. They feature step-through designs, automatic transmissions and smaller engines for easy maneuverability and fuel efficiency. Scooty is preferred for urban commuting especially for women riders and those seeking a hassle free mode of transport.

Electric bikes: Electric bikes or e-bikes are environmentally friendly two-wheeled vehicles with electric motors and rechargeable batteries. They provide an efficient and convenient mode of transport while offering pedal assist and throttle mode for added boost. E-bikes are gaining popularity globally as a sustainable option for commuting and recreational riding.

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