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Finding the right truck for your business needs can be tricky, especially if you’re in Pakistan. With so many different types of trucks on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs, as well as how much you should expect to pay for one. In this article, we will break down the various types of trucks available in Pakistan and discuss their prices, so that you can make an informed decision and purchase the perfect truck for your business. let’s check all trucks Companies in pakistan.

Truck Companies in Pakistan

truck price in pakistan
truck price in pakistan

There are different types of trucks in Pakistan. The most common type is the light truck, which is used for carrying goods and materials. These trucks are usually small and have a capacity of less than 5 tons. Light trucks include pickups, panel vans, and SUVs.

  1. Hino Truck price in pakistan
  2. ISUZU Truck price in pakistan
  3. Faw Truck price in pakistan
  4. Forland Truck price in pakistan
  5. Foton Truck price in pakistan
  6. Toyota Truck price in pakistan
  7. JAC. Truck price in pakistan

trucks price in pakistan

we provide all most popular truck price in pakistan. we provide all trucks brand in pakistan. in this post we provide Hino, ISUZU, Faw, Forland, Foton, Toyota and JAC truck model and price list in pakistan

Hino Truck Price in Pakistan

Hino truck price in pakistan
Hino truck price in pakistan

Since more than 30 years, Hinopak Motors Limited has dominated the local market for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, earning a reputation for quality and technical innovation.

In the following table you will find the latest and new Hino Truck Price in Pakistan which includes both Hino 300 Series Price and Hino 500 Series Price.

Hino Dutro 300 Series 640 Price PKR 5,550,000
Hino Dutro 300 Series 650 Price PKR 5,650,000
Hino Dutro 300 Series 730 Price PKR 6,650,000
Hino Dutro 300 Series 720 Price PKR 6,650,000
Hino FG8J KLB (4*2) 500 Series Price PKR 13,950,000
Hino FL8J RLA (6*2) 500 Series Price PKR 17,050,000
Hino FG8J GLT (4*2) 500 Series Price PKR 14,000,000
Hino FM8J KLT (6*2) 500 Series Price PKR 19,300,000
Hino FM2P KLA (6*2) 500 Series Price PKR 22,200,000

ISUZU Truck Price in Pakistan


ISUZU Truck Price in Pakistan
ISUZU Truck Price in Pakistan


Isuzu Motors is one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers with a focus on heavy duty trucks and diesel engines. The company was founded in 1923, is headquartered in Tokyo, and has assembly plants situated in Fujisawa, Tochigi, and Hokkaido. Gandhara Industries is a Pakistani primary distributor for Isuzu Motors. In addition to its trucks, Isuzu is widely known for its cars – Isuzu D Max, Isuzu Troopers, and many others. You can find thousands of used Isuzus for sale on PakWheels or you can find the up-to-date prices for new models on PakWheels as well.

Pakistan’s Isuzu truck prices range from for a new model to for a new model. There are currently new Isuzu truck models available at Isuzu dealerships. Used Isuzu trucks are also widely available at prices ranging from PKR 440,000 for a used Isuzu Trooper to PKR 11,500,000 for an Isuzu Other.

ISUZU NPR71K (4*2) Price PKR  4,700,000
ISUZU NMR55 (4*2) Price PKR 4,000,000
ISUZU NLR55 (4*2) Price PKR 3,800,000
ISUZU NKR (4*2) (80ps) Price PKR 3,450,000
ISUZU NHR (4*2) (80ps) Price PKR 3,250,000
ISUZU NPR66 (4*2) (120ps) Price PKR 4,250,000
ISUZU NHR (4*2) (80ps) Truck – SWB/LWB PKR 3,450,000
ISUZU NPR66 (4*2) (120ps) Price PKR  4,300,000


Faw trucks price in pakistan

Faw truck Price in Pakistan
Faw truck Price in Pakistan


In the Pakistani automobile industry, Faw is well-known for providing reliable cars. No matter what engine size the truck has, it usually has ample space and power. In light truck with high-quality exteriors, Faw achieves an exact balance between driving performance and fuel economy.

There is one trim of this vehicle available in Pakistan right now faw truck price in pakistan is as follows: This is a 1000cc carrier offered by FAW motors Pakistan.

FAW Carrier Standard Price PKR 1,139,000


Forland Truck Price in Pakistan

Forland Truck Price in Pakistan
Forland Truck Price in Pakistan

There are different models of JW Forland trucks that are available in Pakistan according to the need of the user. JW Forland is a Chinese company that works with JW Pakistan.

In this page, we will share with you the latest updated rates of Forland Trucks in Pakistan 2023.

Forland  C10 (FULL OPTIONS) Price PKR 1,589,000
Forland  C10 [WITHOUT HEATER & BLOWER] PKR 1,659,000
Forland  C311 NT Price PKR 3,379,000
Forland C311 T Price PKR 3,739,000
Forland  C314 – NT Price PKR 3,479,000
Forland C19 Price  PKR 2,139,000
Forland T5 Price PKR 2,599,000
Forland  C-X17 Price PKR 5,099,000
Forland  C717 Price PKR 4,899,000


Foton Truck Price in Pakistan

Forland Truck Price in Pakistan
Forland Truck Price in Pakistan

Since its formation in 1996, Foton Motor Co Ltd has become the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in terms of volume. The Foton Truck Price in Pakistan 2023  detail are available here. The company manufactures light-duty trucks, buses, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans. It is a leading manufacturer of light-duty and heavy-duty trucks.

Foton Auman EST-A Tractor Price PKR 6,106,080
Foton Auman EST Dumper Price PKR 10,080,000
FOTON AUMARK E Price PKR 2,952,000
FOTON AUMARK S Price PKR 16,317,600
FOTON GRATOUR TM Price PKR 3,520,800
FOTON FUEL TANKER Price PKR 14,399,760
FOTON AUMAN ETX Price PKR 12,000,000
FOTON AUMAN EST-M Price PKR  9,120,000


Toyota Truck Price in Pakistan

Forland Truck Price in Pakistan
Forland Truck Price in Pakistan

As per Pakistani trend, Toyota comes in both a double cabin and a single cabin. Single cabins are mostly used as mini-trucks for loading etc, while double cabins are mainly used as passenger vehicles. Plus, there’s a lot more loading space in the back. As compared to a car or sedan, it has both a higher passenger capacity as well as an enormous loading area.

In this article, we will provide you with the latest updated Toyota truck price in Pakistan 2023.

Toyota Hilux 4X2 Single Cab Deckless Price PKR 5,159,000
Toyota Hilux 4×2 Single Cab Standard Price PKR 5,559,000
Toyota Hilux 4×2 Single Cab Up Spec Price PKR 5,589,000
Toyota Hilux 4×4 Single Cab Standard 2.8 Price PKR 7,339,000
Toyota Hilux E 2.8 Price PKR 9,069,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G (Revo G MT) Price PKR 9,839,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G Automatic Price PKR 10,309,000
Toyota Hilux Revo V Automatic Price PKR 10,599,000
Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco (Revo Rocco) Price PKR 11,179,000


JAC truck price in Pakistan

JAC truck price in Pakistan
JAC truck price in Pakistan


JAC, founded in 1964, is a comprehensive automobile manufacturer with full range of independent-brand passenger truck and commercial vehicles. JAC has expanded its global markets by exporting to the region of South America, Europe, Africa, and some countries in Asia. One hundred foreign 4S shops have been opened and 19 wholly owned manufacturing facilities exist for such overseas production. These actions have reinforced the images of both JAC and China’s automotives in the international market.

If you are looking for JAC truck price in Pakistan. This page includes all JAC truck models and their prices.

JAC X200 Price PKR 3,290,000
JAC 1020K Price PKR 2,650,000
JAC 1042K Price PKR 3,650,000.


Which Pickup trucks is the most popular pickup trucks in Pakistan?

Nissan Pickup car is the the most popular pickup trucks in Pakistan.

How much do trucks cost in Pakistan?

Trucks prices in Pakistan vary depending on the model and brand of the truck. However, on average, a truck would cost approximately PKR 23,900,000 and go upto PKR 26,000,000.

How long do trucks last in Pakistan?

Trucks can last for many years if they are properly maintained. However, on average, a truck would last for approximately 10 years in Pakistan.

Most popular JAC truck in Pakistan?

JAC X200 and JAC T6 most popular JAC truck in Pakistan.

Hino 300 Series Truck price in Pakistan?

Hino 300 Series Truck Prices are PKR 5,550,000 to PKR 6,650,000.

Hino 500 Series Truck price in Pakistan?

Hino 500 Series Truck Prices are PKR 13,950,000 to PKR 22,200,000.